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High Power Portable Military Signal Jammer, Wireless Signal Jammer AC 220V

High Power Portable Military Signal Jammer, Wireless Signal Jammer AC 220V

Model: ATJ8-460-101


  • Using UHF broadband interference technology.

  • High effective power (channel power) and large interference radius.

  • Imported device, slow start circuit design can avoid the mechanical switch fire phenomenon, high integration, stable work.

  • Perfect self-protection function. When the device is warned of overheating fault, the shielding device will automatically shut down the failed module to avoid the damage of the shielding device.


1. System accessory table

2Wire controller1pcs
3Line controller control line1pcsStandard
4Spare Line controller control line


5Power Line1pcsStandard
6Hand-pull Box1pcsSystem Accessary

2. Omnidirectional Antenna Parameter List

Input impedence50Ω
standing wave≤1.8
Power Capacity150W
Direction of PolarizationVertical Polarization

Cross Modulation


Interface Type

7/16 or N-K

Lightning Protection

Direct Grounding

Wind Protectionnn


Pole Diameter



Prisons, Recording Studios, Banks, Contract Tendering Rooms, Churches, Classrooms, Testing Facilities, Security Services, Military Units, Secret Services, News Conference Rooms, Libraries, Museums, Courts, Border Patrol and Drug Enforcement, Customs, etc.

Technical Specification

ChannelWorking FrequencyOutput Power(±3dBm)
CH120-100 MHz44.77dBm
CH51520- 1670 MHz48.75dBm
CH61800-2000 MHz48.75dBm
CH72000-2200 MHz48.75dBm
CH82400-2690 MHz48.75dBm
Power: AC 220V

Power Consumption : 1000W

Mainframe weight: 53.6Kg Size(L×W×H):800×500×310 mm

Humidity: 5%-95% Running Temperature: -35 to +80 ℃

Product Usage:


Step 1 - Open the box

Open the box. Keep unpacked boxes ready for future removal or shipment.

check that the open equipment and accessories are in good condition. If any defects or damage are found, please contact your supplier as soon as possible.

Step 2 - Connecting antenna

Open the suitcase and take out the antenna. Note: do not activate the shield until the antenna and shield are not well connected, otherwise, the shield will be severely damaged. All costs and consequences arising from this will be borne by the user himself.

Each antenna is connected to the RF output interface of the host computer one-to-one.


Step 3 - Start Jammer

Connect the host AC~220V port with the power cord in the suitcase: then dial the side red knob switch to the "1" file;

The start and output power adjustment of the wire controller:

           1) Connection wire controller

               The 6pin wire control connection line is connected to the 6pin wire control connection

               port on the side of the chassis;

           2) Control the output and output power of the power amplifier with a wire controller.

               [ALL Ch]: screen all 4Channel on / off buttons;

               [ALL PA]: power output adjustment keys for all 4Channel of the shield;

               [CHX]: the output of Channel X is the Channel number of 1 ~ 8 when the output of

                          Channel X is turned on / off alone;

               [PAX]: regulating the power output of ChannelX alone X is the Channel number of 1 / 8.

                         The output power regulation is divided into five sections: 20: 20 and 40.


Step 4 - Turn off the Jammer

the power output switch of each channel is closed;

Power off:

          1) Dial the red knob switch on the side of the chassis to "0";

          2) Unplug the power cord;

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