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17In to 4Out Multi-band POI

17In to 4Out Multi-band POI

Model: AT0517040727DF-3

Product Description

17In to 4Out Multi-band POI

Serving as a powerful multi-combiner, POI is a comprehensive and reliable passive component to signal integration and transmission. Due to different operators provide respective frequency range to their customers, while customers will interact freely with persons despite frequency boundaries, there should be a smart system to accommodate mobile communication as much as possible – this is what POI works for. Partnered with repeater equipment, it can be tailored to frequency interfaces without operator limits, meanwhile transmit combined and stable signal to floors, building, etc.

Technical Specification

Type17Ports In-4Ports Out
Operating Frequency(Customized)
703~803MHz (3Ports)

824~894MHz (3Ports)

1710~1880MHz (3Ports)

1920~2170MHz (4Ports)

2500~2690MHz (4Ports)
lnsertion Loss≤8.5dB
lsolationSame Band ≥23dB,Dfferent Bands ≥50dB
PIM3≤-155dBc@ 2x20W
lnput Power Rating200W(Avg.)
Connector TypeDIN Female
Operating Temperature-10℃ to +50℃
Relative Humidity5%~95%
Number of BTS Ports17
Number of Antenna Ports4

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